Frequently Asked Questions


What if I'm new to yoga?

All of our classes are all levels. Yep, we mean it. Each instructor will teach to the skill levels in the room, and our signature yoga flow is designed to empower every body at every yoga experience level. We offer Strength+Stretch once a week, which is beginner-friendly. Beginners also like starting in the Power Reset classes.

Let the teacher know it is your first yoga class. Be ready for a high-five. At any level, we suggest taking your time, listening to your body, drinking water, and taking breaks when you need it during class. We all must be beginners at some time.

How do I sign up for class?

Sign up for class on our Schedule page. We offer a New Student Intro Special: 30 days of unlimited yoga for $30. You can also register as "unpaid" and pay when you get to the studio. Arrive 10-15 minutes before class and we'll make you feel at home when you arrive. 

You can also sign up on your mobile device with the Achieve by WellnessLiving app. Use the email and password you set when you completed your new student form.

what is infrared heat?

There are many different ways to heat up yoga. We use infrared heater lamps for our classes. There are many physical benefits of infrared heat including the decrease rate of heart disease! Infrared heats up surface temperature and helps you effectively warm up your muscles for stretching and strengthening. You also use your breath to heat up your body from the inside out! The heaters are a physical reminder that there is “heat in life” like that email you didn’t expect to get or the traffic on your way to pick up your children. Heat serves as another challenge to hone our response system; we practice soothing the nervous system when we are met with the heat of a yoga class and in life.

What does "namaste" mean?

Many yoga communities offer "namaste" at the end of class. At Victory Power Yoga, we believe it's an important acknowledgement for all students who showed up. "Namaste" translates to: "The light and teacher in me honors the light and teacher in you." It is a sign of connection and respect. 

What if I can't touch my toes?

We get this question all the time! Yoga is not about being flexible, although you WILL become more flexible with practice. At Victory Power Yoga, we focus on letting go of what holds us back (ego and comparison, for example) and put our energy on what grows us! Hint, hint: what grows us is usually what challenges us. If you feel awkward for not being able to do any pose, that means you are human, and even more, the person next to you has probably felt that way, too. We invite you to come to class to have fun, get inspired in your body and in your life, and leave feeling connected to yourself and your community. All the other "things" don't matter.

Can I practice yoga if I am pregnant?

We highly suggest speaking with your medical doctor about this subject, AND yoga is great for all body types and phases! Please notify your instructor before class. The instructor will offer modifications for mommies-to-be, and you should always listen to your body. During pregnancy, yoga can help strengthen body and mind for labor and delivery, as well as ease nausea, back pain, and swelling. 

What should I expect from VPY?

Exceptional customer service, a welcoming and inclusive community, great yoga for all, and a light and FUN environment! Come with an open mind to your first and every visit. This practice will change your life if you commit to the work!

What should I wear to classes?

Wear anything that is comfortable for you to move, twist, lunge, and sweat. Clothing that wicks away sweat is optimal, but any athletic clothing will work just fine.

What is power yoga?

There are many different styles of yoga. Power yoga is physically and mentally challenging and invigorating, offering another benefit to what you get out of each class at Victory Power Yoga. You will experience an EMPOWERING message of self acceptance and connection in each class. Power = empowerment and inspiration and physical challenge.

What should I bring for practice?

Bring a water bottle, a yoga mat, and a hand towel to wipe sweat. Most students like a yoga mat towel that gives extra grip. We have yoga mats and mat towels for rent at the studio for $1.00 each, and we sell bottled water for $1.00.

To purchase your yoga class or membership, bring cash or card. Our new student intro special is 30 days unlimited regular classes for $30. Please, no checks. 

Most importantly, bring an open mind to learn and respect for the instructors, the studio space, and yourself. 

What yoga mat should i buy?

There are many kinds of yoga mats online and in stores. For power heated yoga, we recommend a supportive, grippy, and durable mat. Usually beginners find out that their thick exercise mat does not do well for heat or the flow of our classes. You can ask any teacher tips on picking a yoga mat. We sell B Mats, a naturally-made and durable mat that grips your hands and feet for more activation in your muscles and support for your joints. Other brands that many people love are lululemon, Manduka, Liforme, and Jade. Many people love their affordable mat and use a mat towel to help their hands grip and avoid slipping when sweating. We have mats and mat towels for rent for $1 each.

What’s the etiquette?

Please leave your shoes outside of the yoga room. Turn off your cellphone or airplane mode when you leave it in the lobby. Not only are phones distraction for all students and teacher in the room, the heat and humidity is not great for your device! If you are on call, please use vibrate mode and tell your teacher before class. Optimally, you phone or pager will be under a towel or under the corner of the mat so it is not seen. No talking during class. There is always times to laugh, give your neighbor a high five, and “wahoo!” during classes, and mostly, we refrain from speaking to draw the senses and attention in to the present moment with your body and mind. If you must leave class early, let the teacher know and do it before savasana (deep rest pose).

If you’re not sure, ask!

WHY NO music?

Most of our classes are taught without the use of music. You will connect to your breath and your own personal power even more! Yoga was traditionally practiced without music, and music can be very personal to each person (and therefore a distraction for being present). We do have some classes, Power Beats that have upbeat, mostly non-lyric playlists on the schedule.

What are hands on assists?

Our instructors use hands on assists to direct, empower, and deepen your yoga poses. Hands on assist are not fixing, rather, they are adjustments to optimize alignment and help you discover something new and empowering in your yoga.  If you do not wish to receive hands on assist for any reason, please let the instructor know before class at the front desk. In addition, if you do not love the hands on assist the instructors giving, simply shoo them away silently and they will not be offended.

Should I sign up before class? And what do the points do?

We encourage you to use the Achieve app by WellnessLiving to sign up for your classes at least 15 mins prior. You’ll get 50 points for pre-registering, and another 50 points for attending. You can use points for discounts on yoga, retail, and workshops. See the points and rewards here.

What’s the late policy?

If you are pre-registered for class, we will hold the door 2 minutes past the class start time for you to join class.