Kids Yoga


Kids Yoga CAMPS

Monday April 22  for 6-8 years

Wednesday April 24th for 9-12 years

Kids Camps Price: $15

Our kids yoga teachers create a fun, empowering, educational, and creativity-boosting camp experience. They will practice yoga and breath work to align their energy and bodies, learn to express themselves creatively and compassionately, practice working cooperatively in large and small groups, and be introduced to activities they may not have tried before!

You (parent) can save a spot as "unpaid" using your own profile. When you drop them off, we will help you create their profile, sign their waiver, and pay.

kids classes

Give your children the tools of mindfulness and body awareness. They will learn basic yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and team building techniques in a non-competitive environment. These classes are unheated. 

Regular kids classes return this summer 2019.

Do you have a group that needs a special time for kids yoga? We’d love to set it up! Email us at


Kids class Pricing

Kids yoga is $10 per class.