Hope kyzer 200hr certified

Yoga has helped transform Hope’s life. She traded 60 hour work weeks, weekly travel, and supervising 200 employees to focusing on raising her first child. “I am a better wife, mother, daughter. I have the time, finally, to follow my true passions of painting, teaching yoga, reading and being able to spend time with loved ones.” She hopes to one day open an art gallery featuring her work. She uses yoga as a creative tool to spark inspiration for her art work.

Yoga helps Hope drop the “shoulds” and empowers her to live with gratitude, love, and space. She wants her students to reconnect to this in themselves through uplifting, empowering, challenging classes balanced with a renewed connection to their energy bodies to tackle life outside the yoga studio. Her classes regularly focus on the chakras. 

Her favorite pose is pigeon to melt away stress through surrender and breath. She is working on king dancer pose — even more mastery of focus, flexibility, and balance! 

Hope has a degree in molecular biology and cellular development from NC State. She is a highly passionate leader, working with Shield NC to raise awareness for human trafficking. She is involved in several committees; Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, Women in Trade, Women Business Owners, and  Young Professionals Network. 

She lives in Clayton with her husband Joseph, daughter Chadwick, and dogs, Jackie Brown, Fat Girl Tesla, and Mr. VanDerbeeks. They also have a feline family member, but she doesn’t have a name!