Frequently Asked Questions


What if I am new to yoga?

All of our classes are all levels. Yep, we mean it. Each instructor will teach to the skill levels in the room, and our signature yoga flow is designed to empower every body at every yoga experience level. We offer Yoga Basics twice each week which involves 60 minutes of a slower and unheated experience. Let the teacher know it is your first yoga class. Be ready for a high-five. At any level, we suggest taking your time, listening to your body, drinking water, and taking breaks when you need it during class. We all must be beginners at some time.

How do I sign up for class?

Sign up for class on our Schedule page. We offer a New Student Intro Special: 30 days of unlimited yoga for $30. You can also register as "unpaid" and pay when you get to the studio. Arrive 10-15 minutes before class and we'll make you feel at home when you arrive. 

What does "namaste" mean? 

What if I can't touch my toes?


Can I practice yoga if I am pregnant?


What should I expect for VPY?


What should I wear to classes?


What should I bring for practice?

Many yoga communities offer "namaste" at the end of class. At Victory Power Yoga, we believe it's an important acknowledgement for all students who showed up. "Namaste" translates to: "The light and teacher in me honors the light and teacher in you." It is a sign of connection and respect. 

We get this question all the time! Yoga is not about being flexible, although you WILL become more flexible with practice. At Victory Power Yoga, we focus on letting go of what holds us back (ego and comparison, for example) and put our energy on what grows us! Hint, hint: what grows us is usually what challenges us. If you feel awkward for not being able to do any pose, that means you are human, and even more, the person next to you has probably felt that way, too. We invite you to come to class to have fun, get inspired in your body and in your life, and leave feeling connected to yourself and your community. All the other "things" don't matter.

We highly suggest speaking with your medical doctor about this subject, AND yoga is great for all body types and phases! The instructor will offer modifications for mommies-to-be, and you should always listen to your body. During pregnancy, yoga can help strengthen body and mind for labor, as well as ease nausea, back pain and swelling. 

Exceptional customer service, a welcoming and inclusive community, great yoga for all, and a light and FUN environment! Come with an open mind to your first and every visit. This practice will change your life if you commit to the work!


Wear anything that is comfortable for you to move, twist, lunge, and sweat in. Clothing that wicks away sweat is optimal, but any athletic clothing will work just fine.

Bring a water bottle, a yoga mat, and a hand towel to wipe sweat. Most students like a yoga mat towel that gives extra grip. We have yoga mats and mat towels for rent at the studio for $1.00 each, and we sell bottled water for $1.00.

To purchase your yoga class or membership, bring cash or card. Our new student intro special is 30 days for $30. Please, no checks. 

Most importantly, bring an open mind to learn and respect for the instructors, the studio space, and yourself.