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40 days to personal revolution

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January 20- February 28

Weekly meetings: Sunday evenings 5:30pm to 6:30pm

What’s included:

  • Unlimited Yoga 

  • Yoga Nidra Workshop Feb 10

  • Breath Workshop Jan 27

  • Instruction and support to develop a personal meditation practice

  • Instruction and support to mindful eating

  • 3 day fruit cleanse

  • Community support like you’ve never experienced

  • Weekly meetings (workshops, instruction, personal development)

  • Exclusive 40 Days participant t-shirt

  • Discounts on other workshops going on during 40 days

What you need:

- Buy a copy of the 40 Days to Personal Revolution book by Baron Baptiste

- Buy a journal of any kind 


Member Price before 1/10: $95   //  after 1/10: $105

Non-member Price before 1/10: $149   //  after 1/10: $169

High School and College Price before 1/10:  $85  //  after 1/10: $95

More than just a yoga challenge, and it is more than a transformation of the body and mind. This program is designed to challenge your personal philosophy and your body so that you can tap into unknown resources within yourself. It offers a powerful road map to get ourselves to a more awakened life. The actions: daily yoga practice (5x week in studio), daily personal meditation, mindful eating, personal development through self and group inquiry work, and weekly meetings at the studio. 40 Days to Personal Revolution is just that — a revolution. The daily practices of the program exist to empower and enable YOU in fulfilling the results and interests that are important to YOU personally and as human being – and in the process leave you transformed with new vitality, freedom, and peace of mind.


The purpose of the 40 days program is to lead you to your own unique personal revolution. Though the daily practices, you will lose excess emotional and physical weight (if that’s what needs to happen), you will be come less reactive and more calm, and your bad habits will start to release their grip on you. In 40 days, you will create a new possibility, way of being, and power in your life. Though yoga, meditation, and inquiry, you will discover this revolution and new self as it has always been available to you from inside of you. Throughout the program you will develop meaningful relationships, be supported by the Victory Power Yoga staff and teachers, and experience a heightened and effective level of community.

What if…

…I can’t make the weekly meetings? These meetings are recorded so you can access them via a Facebook group.

…I am traveling? You can practice yoga anywhere! It’s okay and possible to participate in 40 Days if you are traveling for some of it. The book is a great step-by-step resource to follow home practices, there are many Baptiste Yoga ™  inspired studios and teachers all over the globe, so you can drop into another studio. There are also tons of YouTube videos to follow while you’re traveling. Drop your expectations of what it should look like, and watch the miracles happen!

..I have diet and/or exercise restrictions? Remember, this is your PERSONAL revolution. It can be customized to meet your needs. This program is designed to be accessible to all and every. 

…I need a payment plan? Just ask! This will be one of the best investments in yourself you’ve ever made. 

…I can’t come to the studio 5 times each week? We bet you can, or close to it! Remember, it’s not about perfection, it’s about doing your best. No gold stars for those who perfectly tick off the boxes. You will learn to “fail” with grace and victory. We are adding more classes to our schedule to accommodate your schedules! 

…I don’t think I can do that much power yoga? We always encourage taking rest during yoga classes, and the same applies to this program. You will learn to skip poses, modify, and empower yourself in any given moment. All you have to do is show up!

Astrology 101 workshop

Astrology 101 (4).png

Led by Laura Munilla

Saturday, February 2nd

11am to 12:30pm

Expand your self study with the basics of Astrology. Find out what makes you, YOU! Students will receive their own personal natal information with how the elements (earth, wind, fire, water) balance in your personality. (A natal chart is a map of where the planets landed on the time and location of your birth.) Students will visualize clearly where the natal chart attributes to personality types and leave with a foundation of astrology for balance in interpersonal relationships and continued self development. We will look at the elements, the basics of what information natal chart can offer, and highlighted astrology terminology.

Sign up before January 16th for early bird special: $15
$10 for 40 days participants.
Regular price: $20

What to provide before Jan 28: your time of birth, location of birth (city, state, country) and date+year. Please be as accurate as possible.

GAlentine’s day: love and oils


Saturday, February 9th

6:30pm to 8:30pm

Spend an evening with your gals over a glass of wine and decadent hors devours and learn about Young Living Essential Oils for LOVE.

Each attendee will make their own essential oil roller blend and massage oil!

What you'll learn:

-Which oils to use to promote sensuality, sleep, or connection in the bedroom.

-How to ditch the fake ingredients for bedtime products like massage oil, linen spray, and perfumes.

-How to access high quality essential oils and a learning community to help you increase wellness in all areas of your home and health.

CBD Yoga workshop

Led by Victoria Privette, yoga instructor and owner of Victory Power Yoga

Saturday, February 23rd

11am - 12:30pm

An all-levels yoga class focused on releasing tension throughout the body. We will use Blue Ridge Hemp Co. CBD infused muscle gel to enhance ease stiff joints and muscles. Attendees will learn about the uses and science of CBD.

Spots are very limited! Please sign up in advanced.

Each attendee will leave with a muscle gel, a muscle relax essential oil roller sample, and a relaxing essential oil roller sample made by Blue Ridge Hemp Co.

Hosted by Blue Ridge Hemp Co. Blue Ridge products do not have THC, and you will not show positive on a drug test after using their products.


Happy Hour Yoga

Happy Hour.jpg

Next Happy Hour:
Coming Soon!

Come to sweat, flow, and rejuvenate with a one hour yoga class. Stay after to enjoy a complimentary locally-brewed Deep River Brewing Company beer after class with positive and uplifting community! 

Regular class rates apply. Like and subscribe to our Facebook page here to be notified when we announce our next Happy Hour.